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Reality is Plastic - Free Hypnosis Training Dates


Finally I have the dates for the One Day 'Introduction to Hypnosis' Training courses. The courses will be free and are open to anyone interested in learning the practical skills of hypnosis.

The dates are as follows:
28th June in Hurst Green, East Sussex
9th August in Stirling, Scotland
14th September, Derby

I had some great feedback from those that did this course earlier in the year. It is a practical day of hypnosis instruction and exercises. You will learn an approach to hypnotizing that is rapid, direct and effective. The techniques are as valid in the therapy room as they are sports club, pub, party or stage.

Because my book has sold well with performers many of those who do the training were performers in some way, mostly mentalists. That said many of those who do the course have an interest in using hypnosis in their sport, therapy practice or for some other reason. Some are considering doing further training with us. For this reason we include a good mix of techniques and applications on this one day course. Places are limited to 25 to 35 depending on the location. The course is entirely free and open first come first serve to those who have an interest in learning how to hypnotize or who wish to sharpen their skills.

There is no obligation to do further training with us or purchase our products on the day.

If interested please email me directly at

Best regards,

Anthony Jacquin

Some testimonials about the one day Introduction to Hypnosis Training Course follow.

"My wife and I attended the 1 day hypnosis workshop with no prior knowledge, apart from coming away confident in our new found hypnosis skills (we were hypnotising others by lunchtime!). We were also impressed by the professionalism and depth of knowledge of Anthony and Freddy and can’t wait to attend their 5 day course. Many thanks " D Wright
"The Jacquin one day course is one of the most interesting and informative courses I have been on, to call it an introduction to hypnosis would be doing it an injustice.

Anthony Jacquin and his father Freddy make a great team, each with his own insight into hypnosis they have developed a style all of their own, a combination of hypnosis and NLP that works in the real world rather than just in the depths of a text book.

After a short history of hypnosis, Anthony and Freddy moved straight on to the practical skills you’ll need to become a hypnotist and by the end of the second hour every person on the course had practiced hypnotising someone. There was no waffle or need for copious notes everything was presented in a manor that was simple and easy to understand with lots of time available to practice what was being taught.

While I understand that the day was only an introduction to what Anthony and Freddy are able to teach I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information that was passed on. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in hypnosis to do this course." Richard Walker, Master Hypnotist
"Thanks so much for the Saturday training workshop, it was great to finally experience some hypnosis. Both you and Freddie done a fantastic job of explaining everything from its origins/history right up to its present use whether it in a therapy/stage or street impromptu, and of course the rapid inductions ." Stephen Plunkett
It was that the word you were thinking of?.....yes!!!....OMG!!

Brilliant day, lovely people, incredible content, staggering generosity.

My first proper intro to hypnosis, I'm glad I waited.

Anthony supervised me while I made a lady think I was invisible !!!

I have previously used 'hypnosis' (on stage) as merely a presentational framework....where it was unimportant whether it worked or not.

I am now a hypnotist, I have no doubt that I will succeed.

Thanks Anthony for a very special day....that for me turned into a weekend.
Steve Durant
"What I fantastic day was had by all at Anthony Jacquin's Hypnosis training day.
My head is still buzzing from this. I have made no secret that Anthony has written THE book on hypnosis for mentalists (Reality is Plastic). I have also had some seek preview as to his thinking for his next project - which will be a very important and exciting piece of work (my pre-order is in!).

Quite a few mentalists toy with the idea of hypnosis, or pretend to do it - whilst is reality we have convinced ourselves that it cannot be done (without risk) and are frankly too chicken to jump in and 'just do it' - anyone suspecting a degree of autobiography here?

Yet Hypnosis is mentalism in it's purist form. We cannot and should not ignore it, or deal with it as a pseudo embellishment to what we do (now I am really blushing!). And frankly, if anyone is going to show me the ropes I cannot think of a more able and practical teacher than Anthony.

The training day took the same no-nonsense approach as Anthony's book. Anthony and his wonderfully charismatic father put together a double headed presentation that was very pacey, highly confident, professional and always utterly engaging.
Within ten minuets - you were given the tools and the confidence to hypnotise. By the time you were served the first morning coffee, you were actually hypnotising people!

I mentioned in my review of Anthony's book - that over the years, I have accumulated such a body of contradictory and confusing fluff regarding hypnosis that it was impossible for me to do anything with it. The book, the accompanying CD and this training day - just blows all of that away - and you are left with a very simple 'bang-bang-bang-there that's how you do it!'
Anthony and Freddy packed so much into the day, that I am still trying to assimilate it. Stage hypnosis, therapeutic hypnosis, phobias and habits, rapid inductions, visualisations and more meditative inductions. Confidence building and so much more.
What is more, the Jacquins put this day on free of charge - it must have cost them a lot of their money and their time. The gratitude from the packed room was palpable.
I certainly want to take this opportunity to thank the Jacquins sincerely for what was a wonderful day (and I use that word 'wonderful' with it's fullest meaning).

Please do support these guys and give yourself the opportunity of having this really rewarding and deeply satisfying experience.
Visit Anthony's website
Freddy Jacquin's website

Chris Gould
"Well, on Saturday I attended the Derby hypnosis course Ant had previously arranged. Being one of the last to arrive Iwas sat up front which meant I was going to be involved in many of the demonstrations. The day started off taking us all through the set ups and set pieces and after practising in set groups led on to the inductions. After having a friendly chat with Ants dad during a break he pulled me up for a demonstration in front of the group, using information about me that we had previously been chatting about he quickly had me in trance and woke me up to discover my hands glued together!! This was my first experience in hypnosis and a very unusual feeling not having full conscious control over my own actions. I must say I found it exhilarating Very Happy . We then split off into groups again and concentrated on hypnotising each other which proved to be much easier thanks to the informative session we were all involved in.
The day progressed rapidly as more and more people got involved in their own trances and after having dinner I was tranced by Vince who helpfully locked my arm out in front of my face and then rendered me unable to say my name or the number 3!! (thanks for that Razz ).
The day ended on Ant doing a demonstration on another lady who was there, turning her Japanese and inviting her to sing a famous Japanese nursery rhyme she learnt as a child in Japan (she wasn't Japanese!!!). Then he read her mind by suggesting to her that everything he told her would be her reality to the amusement of all Very Happy .

Overall the day was amazing and Ant, Freddy, Vince, Kev and the various other people there were friendly, helpful and able to offer information and help through all of the procedures.

To anyone thinking of doing one of these courses I would say "go for it" this was for me a great experience."


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